Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To wake up in a woman's arms...

This is strange because it is not strange at all. The gestures between lovers are just as natural if the lovers are of different sexes as when they are of the same one. The smile when you open your eyes to a beautifull face comes with the same tenderness, the same warm feeling, which comes from the memory of the sensual pleasures of the night.
It is puzzling how comfortable I am, shyness doesn't enter my mind and I openly kiss her in public places and act as I have done with my boyfriends. It is just simple, exciting and fun. She's highly attractive, she's a cheeky player, she's a reliable friend also, she's caring and attentionate. I guess if I had to categorise things, she acts more the man part of the couple or what ever we are. It is funny how we are both so scared to name us. We act like one at times, I guess we can say that we are dating, but we don't want to be called one. It seems to scare her particularly. I wonder at times if she is not scared of what feelings could grow out of this. I guess I do too, I can picture myself falling for her like I would for a guy and getting attached. But then I remind myself that I should just embrace the moment and take it one day at a time. If nothing else, what we have are moments of laughter, tenderness, fun and simply put happiness. We should live more for the moment and the now, so this is what we have: moments of happiness added to each other. A smile is one, a kiss another one, a look yet another one.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life's funny twists

At different times in my life, I have told myself that I'll spend more time alone and get more comfortable about it and then life catches you and the daily rythm overwhelms you. Once again at the begining of a new year, this is coming back to haunt me: get comfortable with yourself.

This time might be the right one. 2006 is off to a fresh start. I have just moved in in my new apartment that I am sharing with Su. This is a very nice place, huge. I also get a very good feeling about sharing with Su. I don't know her that much but I feel good vibes and a very comfortable feeling around her. She's one of those true friends who can be extremely blunt to you but at the same, accept you for who you are 100%. No judgment, no fake smiles, just genuine friendship.

I have also moved on from my 6 years + relationship. I am not bitter or angry about it, I just feel that it has run its course and now I want to move on. I just wish he would understand it that way too, but then there is always one person who hangs on. I hope time will heal his heart.

Moving on has taken me into the arms of a beautfifull Asian fairy. There again, who would have thought... She is this fun, gorgeous, acquarian girl, miles away from what I am and yet so attractive to me. It's not that I have changed my orientation and am now checking out women. Somehow she is the only one I see that way. May be it goes to proove that there is a reason we meet certain people in our life. There is a purpose to paths crossing. The challenge now is to make it meaningfull while keeping it simple and enjoyable.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Who would have thought...

Who would have thought that one day I would have a blog. I have never even kept a diary until recently. But wanting to post a comment on a friend's blog, I found myself registering and here I am... Lots of things are new in my life this 2006, so this is just one more... Let's embrace the change and enjoy each moment.