Saturday, November 18, 2006

Simple joys of life

On my way home tonight, I looked up at the sky and I was amazed at the beauty of this winter cloudless sky with so many stars that you could clearly see. It made me smile because I thought how very little sometimes is enough to bring some joy. Just the stars in the sky was enough for tonight.

Another example of simple joy is this "Free Hugs" event that happened here in Geneva this afternoon for the first time. For some background info on this, check this link on Geneva Online, this one on Wikipedia or google free hugs.

This may sound like a silly thing to do, try to give strangers a hug, but it's a very interesting human experience. I didn't have time to be a hugger, as I couldn't spend 2 hours with the Geneva Online team doing it, but I made a point to find 15 minutes to go and witness this. Just observing the various reactions and faces of the passer-bys was just priceless. It ranged from enthusiasm, to indiference, to annoyance to a simple smile. It was such an unusual thing in cold Switzerland that it was granted a sequence on the national news on TV in all 3 Swiss languages.

It just made me smile happily after seeing this, just to have seen that human friendship event take place in a city where we all think nobody cares about others. It was a just a nice and warm feeling.

And to finish my day of happy simple joys, my Tabby is lying on my lap and purring gently. She's much lighter than before as she lost 1.5kg in her 16 days' adventure but it's good to have her back at home with the other 2 cats.
Life is full of joy when you know where to look!