Saturday, January 20, 2007

Leap of faith

I am back home now and alone in my flat. It feels rather empty after her visit. It was such a pleasure to integrate her to my daily life. It was comfortable, but then again we are comfortable anywhere together. She's left personal stuff behind and it makes it tangible that she'll be back. There is such excitement and trepidation to the prospect of her moving here. Yet at the same time, there is some anxiety, from one day to the next, we will have taken a leap into a couple life. The geography of our situation makes it even more a giant step, it's a lot more than just moving in, it is a major change, more so for her than for me. I am blown away that her love is so strong that she'll make this radical adjustment to her life to give us a chance to chase all those dreams we've nourished.

I can't wait for her arrival but yet I need to make the most of the time till then to prepare for it. I need to make sure I can support her in that move like I promised I would. This is as much for her as for me.

I've always been the relentless optimist, but what I've been living for a year now with her, all I've been learning have even more strengthened my faith in life's beauty and simplicity. Happiness is ever present, it's just our mindset that makes us miss it. We need to tune in positively to see it. But it's so worth it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Welcome to the new year

2007 has started much better than 2006. I started my 2006 with anguish thanks to the stupid actions of my ex. 2006 was rough and had many changes. I started 2007 with a kiss from the one I love and 2 weeks in her company.

2007 will also have its share of changes but they won't be as tough or painful as last year's. It will be a year of positive changes and long awaited improvements to my life. I am looking forward to it and I can't wait for some of these improvements to take place already, yet I am happy to savour each day at a time. I am happy with my life the way it is now and the direction it takes.

I have spent the festive season in Singapore. And yes I miss this place and the lifestyle we enjoy here. It was strange to be here now as a tourist when it's a place I lived and worked in for 6 years. You feel a bit of an outsider. But I had such pleasure catching up with old friends. It was also delightful to pick up my daily life with my fairy. We're so comfortable with each other that it feels like I have never left, we just pick up where we left off the last time I flew off. Off course there are some changes and adjustments to be made, we afterall constantly evolve as persons but the deep intense loving feeling is still there. And it shows, both my friends and her friends see how happy we are and comment on it. It's nice.

In some ways, I think I'll be a happier person in my 30's than I was in my late 20's. Looking forward to that.