Sunday, May 31, 2015

Safe harbour...

"I will provide a safe harbour... You need a place to not be decisive and set agendas and rise to the level of accomplishments the world has come to expect of you. You need a place to fall apart. I will be that place"
This was a few weeks ago in the latest Grey's Anatomy finale and it has resonated in the back of my mind since. It somehow put into words what I have been feeling for a while. It comes on the back of difficult few, many rather, months and a growing exhaustion. A feeling of crumbling down from the inside out. That the strength to hold it all together has disappeared. Of crawling into a hole and forget everything. Yet that nagging feeling that this won't solve anything and will only make the pile of shit bigger by the time you crawl out of the hole. So constantly wavering between letting myself crumble for a bit, allowing myself to feel weak and keeping it all together because I worry it will only make matters worse.