Thursday, November 20, 2008

To have your cake and eat it too

More than a year has passed since my last post... Time just flies, there is work, there is life together, there are less times when you are alone with your thoughts. Less me time, so you write less... You also have less of a need to write.
I write again now as I am alone at home for once, as she travels for work. I miss her but yet I enjoy having the house to myself. It gives me time to think. And thinking is something I've been doing a lot recently since I started this entrepreneurship course. It seems to have gotten my brain working again. It seems to have gotten me excited again.
My mind is buzzing with thoughts for the future and wondering how to manage it all. There are different plans that we have, that I have. A place of our own is one. A business of my own is another. How to reconcile them both? Money is the crucial point. If you're starting up a business, you are not saving to buy a place. But if you are saving to buy that place, you put your business on hold and might miss an opportunity.
On one hand, it is important that we work towards our commun goal, a place to call home, stop paying rent. On the other hand, I long to have a job that challenges me, that excites me, that makes my blood pump. And I know in my guts that my business idea will give me that buzz, I know it can work and I know it will bring me satisfaction. So how to have both?
Work even more to ensure that when I take the plunge into entrepreneurship, our standard of living doesn't change? Take only half a plunge to guarantee a minimal steady income? or simply continue as it is now, which is boring but surely brings me towards this place in the future not so distant?
How I wish I could have my cake and eat it too, with an additional chocolate fudge topping!